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Owner Maintenance

Your new home will require regular preventative maintenance by you to preserve its beauty and value. By understanding how to care for each feature in your home, you will help prevent repairs later. Shimberg Homes is not responsible for damage, deterioration, or destruction of items, due to improper or inadequate maintenance by the owner.

Expansion and/or Contraction

All building materials including wood and concrete are subject to constant expansion and contraction, this is caused by changes in temperature and humidity. This can result in minor warping of wood materials and hairline cracking of drywall, stucco, concrete and mortar. Dissimilar materials expand and or contract at different rates. This results in separation between materials. The effects of this expansion and contraction can be seen in such things as small cracks in the foundation, drywall, and paint. This can be alarming to an uninformed homeowner, but, in fact, it is very normal, even in the highest quality of construction. This will occur in your home. It will be most noticeable during the first year, but typically continues into subsequent years. In most cases, caulking and paint is all that is needed to repair this minor evidence of a very natural phenomenon.

Every Month

Check for leaks and for improperly functioning irrigation heads. Check all sinks, toilets, showers and tubs and water heater for any leakage. Test for proper operation of smoke detector, replace batteries if needed. Vacuum tracks of windows and confirm weep holes are clean and open.

Every Three Months

Clean or replace air filters. Check condition of caulking at sinks, bathrooms, tubs, showers, backsplashes, etc. for gaps or other deterioration. Re-caulk where needed to prevent water intrusion. Clean all oils and grease from concrete. Adjust or repair weather stripping on exterior doors. Confirm landscaping maintenance of proper and effective drainage with no persistent puddle after irrigation of rain. Lubricate rollers and latches of windows. Check all window sills and baseboards for any signs of leaks or mold.

Every Six Months

Clean out debris from gutters and confirm water is exiting to an appropriate drainage device or location away from the structure. Inspect shower and tub enclosures for proper fit and leaks, re-caulk where necessary. Inspect tiled areas for loose or missing grout or caulking, re-grout/re-caulk as necessary.

Every Year

Re-finish or repaint exterior doors if necessary. Inspection for cracked or peeling exterior paint, repaint and repair damage as needed. Adjust tension rods in garage door. Check for proper operation of plumbing shut off valves by closing, testing and then re-opening. Visually inspect roof for dirt and debris in valleys, flashings, gutters and downspouts.